Shimano XT M8120 J-KIT Rear Disc Brake Black

– Year: 2020 ;
– Colour: Black ;
– Brake Fluid: Mineral ;
– Lever Material: Aluminum ;
– Brake Type: Rear;
– Hose Length: 170 cm ;
– Discipline: All Mountain, Enduro ;
– Pad Compound: Organic  ;
– Weight: 400g .

 162,00  180,90 (VAT Included)

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The Shimano XT M8120 brake has an excellent price / performance ratio. Ensures stable and powerful braking in All-mountain, Enduro or on electric bicycles in all weather conditions.
The caliper has a robust and well-ventilated structure that prevents overheating. The 4 pistons increase the braking power by 20% compared to the 2 piston XT caliper. It is equipped with an ergonomic aluminum lever with adjustable stroke. Servo-Wave technology ensures a shorter stroke which allows for a closer contact point and excellent reactivity.
A great choice for versatile practices!

J-KIT: This brake is delivered in J-KIT version for Junction-Kit (simplified assembly). The J-Kit system facilitates the passage of the cable inside the frame (for frames with internal cable passage). The cable is connected to the clamp but not to the lever to facilitate its assembly and comfortably define its correct length.
Assembling the brakes is quite simple:
– Place the brake lever on the bicycle handlebar;
– Mount the brake caliper on the fork and / or on the frame;
– Pass the brake cable through the internal passage of the frame;
– Remove the black rubber plug from the end of the cable;
– Remove the yellow terminals located on the end of the brake levers;
– Slide the black rubber nut cover onto the cable;
– Insert the brake cable into the lever nut;
– Being careful to keep the brake cable at the bottom of the lever nut, tighten the nut to compress the olive that is in the lever. Needless to tighten too tightly, the thread of the nut must remain visible, then it will be masked by the nut cover that you previously slipped on the cable;
– Assembly is complete.





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