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PedalByte is a very young and dynamic team, fanatic of the mountain bike world. We have a lot of passion behind us and we will do our best to consolidate ourselves in our sector. We believe in hard work and continuous improvement. Today, more than 30 brands available.

Hello and welcome to PedalByte,
if you have a few minutes we would like to tell you who is “behind the scenes” of this website.

We did completely different jobs but because of the incredible passion we threw ourselves headlong into this experience. Day after day we meet new suppliers and consolidate our offer more and more.

We believe that mountain biking is a community driven sport, a community that we want to grow more and more.
We accept, encourage and are inspired by anyone who steps on a bicycle.

We are here for the friendships, the fantastic places and just the pure excitement we feel just riding a bike.

We hope that you will soon be able to join this community too.

We procure products rich in Research, Comfort, Quality.
We want to put every technical advantage in your hands and change your riding experience.
We search, you ride!


Contribute to the health and well-being of society by offering an online service specialized in the sale of sporting goods (in particular cycling, mountain biking, downhill, freeride), guaranteeing an exceptional shopping experience.


Bicycles and online commerce are passion and professionalism for us.
Our goal is to share this enthusiasm with our customers by marketing the best brands across Europe.

[konte_icon_box icon_fontawesome=”fas fa-tags” title=”Promotions and News”]From PedalByte you can find, constantly updated, the best offers on the market and the news of the best brands of clothing and components.[/konte_icon_box]
[konte_icon_box icon_fontawesome=”fas fa-users” title=”Customer Focus”]Our staff members, all crazy about cycling, do their best every day to ensure the best service for our customers. At PedalByte, cyclists receive help and advice from active cyclists, who know modern bikes and components in theory and in practice.[/konte_icon_box]
[konte_icon_box icon_fontawesome=”fas fa-fingerprint” title=”100% Secure Platform”]Our PedalByte.com platform is entirely state-of-the-art, we always guarantee maximum transparency and compliance with the highest security standards in the field of online transactions.[/konte_icon_box]